Streaming Webcam
We offer high-quality streaming solutions for live broadcasting your meeting, press conference, product presentation, training or any event on the Internet, for 25 up to 2.500 simultaneous viewers, also in HDTV quality and with synchronous audio.

Due to the unique 1000eyes technology no further hardware is required beside the camera and a broadband Internet connection (DSL, TV-cable, glass fiber or EDGE/UMTS), which makes the solution comfortable, flexibly and easy to operate. The camera holds a tunnel connection to the 1000eyes-Server in the data centre. Except connecting the camera with the Internet and power nothing has be done locally. We take care of all other things.

The Streaming servers of 1000eyes are located in German data centres and have Gigabit connections to the Internet. The servers distribute the Livestream of your camera in real time to the viewers, if you wish also with audio. This ensures that - no matter how many viewers watch at the same time - everyone sees pin sharp pictures at full frame rate. The Internet connection which the camera is using locally is burdened with only one connection, no matter how many viewers are watching.

If necessary the livestream can also be recorded in the data centre and offered for downloading afterwards.

Delayed Streaming
If necessary, e.g. in sensitive public areas like airports, etc., the delivery of real-time streams can also be delayed through our streaming technology, e.g. by ten minutes. This allows the security staff on site to shutdown the stream with a mouse click or key switch in time before the images delivered on the Internet.

Access statistics
We can offer a real-time statistic as well as as a detailed and easily understandable access overview and statistic, so you can evaluate and analyse all accesses, e.g. for a success analysis.

Supported viewing devices
  • PC / Mac and Linux Computer
  • iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch
  • Android Smartphones and Tablets
  • TV- and Set-Top-Box

Die 1000eyes GmbH verfügt mit mehreren Tausend Installationen von Netzwerkvideolösungen über langjähriges Know-how für die optimale Umsetzung Ihrer Anforderungen.