Case Studies
In the following you find interesting practical applications which have been implemented together with our specialized professionals and partners.
1.) Hosted Video Security, more information here
1.a) Surveillance of branches of a leading European luxury-jeweler
The requirements of a customer who owns prestigious jewelry stores in perfect midtown location were next to the usual video surveillance, a professional and safe access via internet through site security services and police, an excellent picture quality of the recordings as well as a fast distribution possibility of picture data to the police and task forces.
Almost two dozens of Axis HDTV cameras are used at the shop’s location, whose high definition streams will be saved on the network video recorder developed by 1000eyes situated at the shop location and furthermore at the high security datacenter of 1000eyes. A fully-integrated alarm connection with multiple alarm stages and early warning system complete the system. According to the 1000eyes standards, all components at the location including storage media are permanently tested on availability and function.
Referenz Details on request.
1.b) Branch surveillance of Marc Ecko Enterprises
Marc Ecko Enterprises (MEE) is a successful fashion retailer with 1,300 employees and a yearly turnover of more than 1 billion EUR. For the Store-Monitoring of its worldwide narrowly interconnected branch network, MME uses the 1000eyes solution because it offers the a variety of advantages to the company. First, at the store location network cameras only have to be installed, an internet connection is available at each store location due to the cross-linked ERP-system. Second, next to the usage of the camera for surveillance purposes, they can also be used for additional tasks, e.g. the purchase or marketing department can use the camera from the headquarter to observe and control reception of orders or inventory. It is also possible to accompany the application of Point of Sale (PoS) actions.
The Retail Video analytics by 1000eyes, especially the visitor frequency measurement and Heatmaps, can also provide the Marketing department with valuable information in real time. As a matter of course, 1000eyes only works in the frame of data security rules. Purchase, installation and setup or further hardware like NAS or recorder will be dropped which keeps initial- and maintenance costs on a low level. MME has not been interested in traditional PC or recorder solutions, therefore the company found out about the 1000eyes solution which has been implemented consequently.
2.) Intelligent Video Analysis
2.a) People census Deutsche Bank Twin Towers (Frankfurt)
At the re-opening of the Deutsche Bank Twin Towers, Bilfinger Berger has requested technical support for the people census to support its personnel in Frankfurt at the gathering of people located in the building. The People Counting Technology, implemented at the Deutsche Bank location, has been developed by 1000eyes and not only realizes an accurate counting of the total number of people located in the building, it also provides the personnel in real time with important information, e.g. the number of people located in each areas of the of the building to steer actively people flows and entrance numbers. Bilfinger Berger requested a system that superior compared to conventional light barriers and also transmits data to mobile devices.
The additionally delivered and customer-specialized incorporation of the area- and total counting data in a roadmap as well as the automatic alarm function via telephone by achievement of an extreme value, made the 1000eyes solutions to an enormous success within a few hours.
2.b) Retail Video Analytics for Scandlines
The German-Danish shipping company which transports annually around 20 million passengers and 4 million cars on the Baltic Sea was interested in a system for classic video surveillance and additionally looking for a possibility to gain valuable information and key figures of the sales points relevant for their business operations. 1000eyes was able to convince with its complete solution and next to Security-Features with integrated Video-Audio-Interface for alarm verification through a security service, the company was able to deliver an added-value for intern Marketing purposes. The used Axis network cameras has been provided with the Retail Video Analytics Software modules by 1000eyes to gather the exact number of entered customers into the shops and additionally to analyze customer path and behavior in real time. Access to the systems is made user specified through the individual rights management by 1000eyes, e.g. that the Marketing department has only access to the counting data and statistics but no access to live or recorded picture data.
3.) Mobile Video surveillance with EDGE/3G/4G
3.a) Undercover video secured investigation via 3G
The police of the German state Baden-Württemberg was looking for a reliable possibility to use undercover investigation secured by video to catch e.g. criminals in action while skimming or burglary torts or to avoid such torts in a beginning mode. For this project, 1000eyes delivered the technology used for transmission, storage and access. Depending on application, the Axis cameras or analogue cameras will be connected to a mobile Dual-SIM 3G Industry Router. The encrypted and closed transmission of picture and configuration data is also possible via EDGE/3G thanks to the unique1000eyes® technology. The access via mobile device at the location or from the head quarter is independent from the platform and has been established quickly. Now the system is also used completely in further shifts.
3.b) Mobile construction surveillance and –documentation via 3G
The solution of 1000eyes to observe and document construction plants will be used at the expansion of the rail network of Deutsche Bahn. The Katzenbergtunnel is the main construction project of the rail network expansion “Karlsruhe-Basel”. The tunnel of 9.4 kilo meter length avoids the tight and winding line haul which leads to shorter traveling times and relief of residents.
Like on most construction plants on free fields the cameras, with 1000eyes® Transmission technology in this area, are connected via 3G to a highly secured datacenter. In order to keep the construction stage permanently on live-view over the entire construction time, the Gateway- and Streaming Server of 1000eyes receives the live data of the camera in dynamic form which means that the data will be distributed flexible through the highly secured datacenter to a arbitrary number of authorized viewer (Multiplexing). The flexibility of this process depends on the available bandwidth and data volume (EDGE/3G). The recording data will be transferred completely automatic and encrypted to the data center as well as saved redundantly and protected from the access of third persons until the end of the custody deadline. All components involved to the construction project which means the mobile communications router, the heater of the outside casing as well as the cameras will be observed completely automatic through the 1000eyes systems. If there is a disturbance at the location of the camera, a SMS and voice call notification will be sent to the responsible personnel. Therefore permanent availability is guaranteed.
4.) Construction Plant Documentation, more information here
4.a) Documentation with high data security requirements
For the complete construction documentation of a factory of Lufthansa, next to the standard services of 1000eyes construction plant documentation also special data security requirements of the employee representative had to be implemented. Right from the start of the project, only the branch solution of 1000eyes had to be discussed because it allows next to an encrypted and secure transmission and storage in a prestigious German highly secured datacenter according to strict TGK-requirements also a customer oriented adaption and limitation in warranty management.
In this project mainly the additional limitation of access possibility through the construction aligning personnel has been important. Because of the implementation of data security regulations in highly sensitive areas, the solution of 1000eyes needs a lot of practical know how, e.g. through the protection of government buildings, the documentation of fuel cell experiments in the automotive branch or the surveillance of high tech manufacturing plants, all requirements could be implemented to full customer satisfaction.
4.b) Documentation of the installation of WeltWissen
Together with the US-American artist Mark, the design companies space4 and Teamstratenwerth, the Martin-Gropius-Building has installed a monumental shelf for the anniversary fair WeltWissen for 300 years of sciences in Berlin in the interior of the building. Within the shelf panels, objects and sculptures for installation had been arranged which remind of scientific show rooms. The atrium installation reached a dimension of more than 35 meters width and 15 meters height. The construction and arrangement of the installation took several weeks and has been documented with high definition cameras.
For this project the complete solution of 1000eyes for construction plants with HDTV cameras has been used. Construction caused disturbances have been communicated to the client automatically which guaranteed an uninterrupted documentation. At the end of the project the high definition video material had been converted to quick motion and an impressive cinema trailer had been developed by the media agency which has been a project partner.
5.) Video- and Audio Streaming, more information here
5.a) Live Video stream Düsseldorf International Airport
Next to the professional Live Videostream of the runway and its environment, requirement of the Düsseldorf International Airport was to delay the Livestream by 10 minutes for the viewer in order to stop it in case of a fire drill or an emergency on the runway. The 1000eyes GmbH is a leading software development company in the area of network video and therefore commands over the necessary competencies to provide such special solutions. The system has been implemented quickly.

A 1000eyes streaming server fitted especially to the customer’s wishes will be used to deliver the pictures of the real time HDTV streams of the cameras in data center in RAM cached to an undefined number of viewers. The streaming server of 1000eyes converts the streams into the RTMP protocol that the Livestreams can be embedded into the web site of the airport with a flash player. As transmission technology an established 1000eyes technology will be used which means that only one encrypted connection to the camera exists that distributes the camera live streams via Multipelxing Technology to a random number of contemporary viewers. The responsible person for security is always able to stop the transmission via key switch out of the control at the airport room through an emergency button of 1000eyes.
5.b) Live transmission over CDMA network
For the election day of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) celebrated in Cologne a public live transmission of the election party had to be realized. At the location, neither a broadband connection nor a 3G connection was available. Despite all hurdles, we were able to solve the issue together with our data base operator and regional internet service provider namely NetCologne.
NetCologne owns next to an own high speed fiber glass net also an own CDMA-radio network. Thanks to the unique 1000eyes transmission technology the network cameras installed at the location could build up a stable radio connection to the customized CDMA router with the usual bandwidth to the 1000eyes server at the highly secured data center. At the data center the streams will be edited and distributed over the 1000eyes streaming server to an arbitrary number of viewers. The temporary live transmission has shown once more that technology and know-how by 1000eyes delivers highly professional results to its customers despite of difficult situations.
6.) Engineering, more information here
6.a) Development of an home automation solution
Together with Siemens Building Technologies (SBT) the 1000eyes GmbH has developed a Home Automation System for usage in large residential buildings. The main requirement for the system has been the simple and cost-effective upgrade with high value for the residents. Siemens focused especially on the functionality of the Video Door Station in order to improve comfort and security of the residents. Usual Video Door Stations by established Door Station producers could not be used economically in the buildings because the wires were just inappropriate and a new cable system would have been inefficient. 1000eyes was able to apply the requirements with its in-house development department and implement the solution together with Siemens at the client’s buildings. Implementation has been done according to the high security and encryption mechanisms of 1000eyes and in cooperation with the state government commissioner for data protection
. A compact industrial computer will be used as local server for each of the mostly 10 to 23 floor-resident- buildings. The computer will be supplies with the 1000eyes home automation software solution. The entire building was connected to the Industry-WLAN Access Points according to the latest radio and security standards. In the flat, instead of a commercial video door substation, a 10’ industrial tablet has been installed into the wall which commands over an automation software especially developed by 1000eyes for this project. The tablet is connected via WiFi to the house automation server which provides it with information, e.g. when someone rings the door bell. Next to the standard video door station functions the solution also fulfills other important exercises like e.g. to inform the rent payer about certain occasions or events.
6.b) Development of a facility surveillance solution
The family owned company Hilti has been found in 1941 and is headquartered in Schaan in Liechtenstein. The company is a multinational concern with around 20,000 employees in 120 countries worldwide. Because of high quality requirements, Hilti still manufactures its products and tools itself. The company Hilti has an own highly secured datacenter in Liechtenstein. For its manufacturing surveillance it was looking for a solution that can be used flexible, which is easy to install and allows access of multiple working spaces at the same time, also from mobile devices. The Hilti company decided quickly to cooperate with the 1000eyes GmbH which was able to fully correspond to all customer specific requirements and if was able to deliver a system integrated solution. The main focus of this project was in surveillance of the conveyor.
Therefore in every manufacturing step a HDTV network camera will be installed at the conveyor. The tool carrier placed in the middle of the conveyor will be gathered fully automatic via light barrier and through a HDTV-resolution processed, analyzed and saved. The solution supplied by 1000eyes is able to provide reliable the important remote access for Hilti to guarantee the access to pictures and recordings independent of the location, simultaneous and live by different work stations in order to control and optimize processes continuously. Moreover an especially developed video analysis algorithm complements the production process.